In this world, the gods are gone but not forgotten. Their temples still serve as places of worship and boons, some even housing relics of their time here. Their blood still runs in some mortals. You are one of those chosen by or descended from the gods. But there are other things in this world that are remnants of their time here. Things that wish to destroy the finest work of the gods; Mankind itself!

You will travel the Ancient World to defeat this evil. As you travel, your powers and abilities will grow. The challenges you face will be powerful also, with monstrous abilities that can destroy most mortal heroes. But you will have companions in the fight against these monsters of myth and legend, saving not only your life, but the lives of innocent men, women and children. Perhaps you can persevere and rid the world of their evil, monstrous presence, bidding a final farewell to the gods and beginning the Age of Man. This is not the “real” Ancient Greece, but the epic stuff of legends, myths, and Ray Harryhausen!

Mythic Greek Heroes